Co-cars is now in Dorset

Co-cars is pleased to announce that we have now merged with Flexicars in Dorset.

The next steps for Dorset FlexiCars

Co-cars is a co-operative and shares the same values as FlexiCars – both being community enterprises. Co-cars brings years of knowledge of how to grow a car club for the community and business users, both in Devon and Somerset and have been a partner organisation with Dorset FlexiCars for some years. They also provide the Telematics booking system Flexicars currently uses and will be able to offer a wider range of services and improved customer support to all members. As such, the FlexiCars Directors believe that this straightforward move will ensure the short-term sustainability and long-term growth for the club.

Please be assured that the service will not be interrupted and Co-cars are committed to providing cars in Dorset. In the short term, you may have noticed that Co-cars are responding to day-to-day enquires from members via our phone line and email and as a consequence, are already providing you with a much better service.

Over the next few weeks there will be some changes. The cars will be re-branded with the Co-cars logo; the website will change to, with being automatically forwarded. You will also see some other minor changes, to bring consistency across the fleet, in terms of pricing and support. The pricing will slightly change with the key rates moving from 25p per mile down to 23p per mile and the hourly rate going from £3.40 up to £3.80 per hour (please click here for full details).

One of the added benefits of the merger is members will now have a much wider selection of cars to hire in both Dorset and Devon. There will be other changes behind the scenes with insurance, vehicle maintenance and cleaning, but as members this should not impact on you.

The next steps for you to receive FREE membership in 2015

To enable a smooth merger we would like Flexicars members to re-register as Co-cars members. This is to satisfy the insurers that everyone meets their requirements and accepts Co-cars Terms and Conditions, which are very similar to Flexicars. As part of the registration process all driving licences will be checked to ensure they are up-to-date. To make it easier for everybody, all members will be asked to set up a Direct Debit via the secure online payment system GoCardless.

We appreciate re-registering will require 10-15 minutes of members time and so we would like to offer free membership in 2015, as a thank you, if you re-register by the 9th of January 2015. Please click here to re-register to Co-cars.

If you have any questions please do ring Fiona on 0345 345 2544 or email

Please click here to see where all the Co-cars cars are located

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