A Co Cars Convert

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Coffee Club, News

A Co Cars Convert

Living centrally in Exeter without a car is difficult and expensive.

And on one of our weekly Coffee Club session’s, we had the smiley David Thompson in his bright orange Co Cars t-shirt eager to share how he’s gone from a member to a full-blown Co Cars evangelist.

The Impracticability of Owning a Car

David explained that he used to have a car back in Birmingham with his family and his previous job. A car was helpful here, but after moving to London he found that the London transport system made a car obsolete.

When he then became self-employed and moved to central Exeter, a car was even more useless to own. The Quay, city centre and of course, Waitrose were all within walking distance as he told us: 

“What more could you want!”

Yet, there were times where he needed to travel around Devon, so he bought a car. The problem was that in the 2 years he had it, he only did 6000 miles. To his (and our) amusement, the only time it really moved was when he had to take it to the mechanic when someone broke into it!

Car facts

 The Co Cars Community

David worked out that he could save up to £2000/year on his car’s depreciation rates if he swapped to Co Cars. This amount didn’t even include the extra bills for cleaning and maintenance.

David also explained that the big difference between Co Cars and other companies is is its genuine desire to hear from its members and improve:

“Most companies do what you are doing [events like the Coffee Club] once a year, but you are doing it every week.”

This community-feel that’s built into the company’s structure was one of the reasons why David invested a total of £10K into Co Cars when he dissolved his own business. After telling his friends, they contributed too, adding to the other £667k of donations (which exceeded our original £600k target!)

It was a pleasure to hear such unexpected feedback on our Coffee Club.

As our Managing Director, Mark Hodgson noted, we want to include people in our community as there’s so much knowledge out there. This extends to involving the community through feedback and conversation throughout the year, and giving our cooperative members a the ability to vote on key decisions at our AGM.

If you would like to find out more and be part of these free coffee sessions, check out our Facebook for the next session.