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We believe that low carbon, on demand, affordable shared mobility should be available to everyone.

Our network of low emission, shared cars stretches from Falmouth to Salisbury, making us the largest UK car club west of Bristol. Members can use any car in our network.

In Exeter, we also operate Co Bikes docked, on-street electric bike hire network. Because the bikes are electrically assisted, they are a great alternative to driving for cross city journeys, leisure and exercise. 

We work in partnership with organisations including local authorities, housing developers, private businesses and public transport operators. This helps us locate our cars and bikes where they are most needed and will be used by the widest range of people.

We build lasting, trusted relationships with both our members and stakeholders, creating a real sense of community ownership.

We are proud to be a cooperative social enterprise and Living Wage employer.

Co Delivery

Co Delivery is our e-cargo bike delivery service. It delivers goods efficiently and sustainably between local businesses and direct to customers.

Our e-cargo bikes can use cycle lanes so they avoid congestion, can park directly outside their destination and are zero emissions.

Currently based in Exeter, Co Delivery is shortly launching in Salisbury and, with several new e-cargo bikes joining the fleet, is set to rapidly expand in the coming months.

Co Delivery - about us

Co Charger

Co Charger is a platform that lets you share your electric vehicle charge point within your local community, helping to support the 40% of drivers who want to drive an electric vehicle but have no ability to charge at home.

Co Charger is an affiliated part of the Co Cars family, joining us on our journey to create a shared, zero-emissions future.

Why shared mobility?

Transport emits more greenhouse gases than any other UK sector. In 2017 it was responsible for 27% of emissions and air pollution now causes more deaths than smoking. It also has a huge economic impact. In 2018, congestion cost the economy £7.9bn, an average of £1,317 per driver. Meanwhile, drivers are spending £55 billion a year to keep their cars on the road and a further £27.5 billion a year on fuel and parking. Yet the average car is used just 3-4% of the time.

Because our cars are shared between our members, they are used around 25% of the time with each one removing, on average, 6-10 private cars from the road. Members only pay for the hours they use plus mileage. Or, if they choose an electric car, there’s no mileage cost when they use our charge points. Our affordable pricing includes fuel, insurance, tax, maintenance and roadside assist, potentially saving thousands every year.

Because it’s so easy to calculate the cost of Co Cars usage, members can weigh up the financial and environmental cost of driving versus other forms of transport; with many reporting increased levels of walking, cycling and public transport usage.

Collectively, this means we are helping to create greener, calmer, more connected places where people can thrive – and all whilst saving time, money and hassle. 

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