Are car clubs worth it? With the rising costs of fuel, the answer is yes!

by | Jun 9, 2022 | News

Are car clubs worth it? With the rising cost of fuel, the answer is yes! 

We’ve all seen in the news this week – and experienced the pinch at the pumps -as petrol prices continue to soar with a rise of almost 6p a litre at UK forecourts over the recent bank holiday weekend. A typical family petrol car now costs on average £100 to fill.

The RAC has called (and rightly so) for radical government intervention after petrol prices hit 182.3p a litre yesterday (8th June), according to figures from the data analytics company Experian Catalist.

At these sky-high prices, running one car is a sizeable outgoing but running two can be eye-wateringly expensive. So how can drivers save money and still have access to a car? It’s simple, more and more people in cities and towns are selling their family cars, or second cars and joining a car club, just like Co Cars.

We know a car club isn’t going to be suitable for everyone, but for so many this could be a solution to saving vital pennies during the cost-of-living crisis we’re currently facing. Selling that big piece of metal that sits outside your house more than it’s driven can be a scary prospect but let us put your mind at rest and answer a few questions that probably spring to mind when thinking about car clubs.

So how does a car club work? Co Cars can be booked from minutes to days and, once you’re a member, you can drive any car in their fleet. All you do is join, book your chosen car on the app, unlock with your membership smart card, and then drive, returning the car to its dedicated bay at the end of your trip.

With a Co Cars membership you’ll also find yourself behind the wheel of some pretty impressive vehicles, including a raft of electric Volkswagen ID.3’s and a funky electric Fiat 500e as well as hybrids, estates and even a van! In Exeter alone, there are already more than 30 Co Cars dotted around the city with an increasing fleet available to hire throughout the South West, from Salisbury to Falmouth. 

How much does a car club cost? An annual membership with Co Cars is just £30 a year for an individual or £40 a year for two people. Hire prices start from only £4.25 an hour or £32 a day plus mileage. You can forget about insurance, MOTs, services, maintenance, breakdown cover or even a monthly HP payment as everything is included in the price. *

The proof is in the pudding right here, Co Cars member Mark Richardson saved thousands of pounds in his first year of not owning a car.

“We totally ditched our car about two years ago. We use Co Cars for essential trips and go out one day most weekends for about 5 hours. We always get to drive a clean car and we never have to service or repair it. In year one, we saved over £2000 by not owning a car.”

Are car clubs worth it? 100% yes, car clubs are worth it if it’s right for your situation. At Co Cars we’re working hard to bring more cars to more locations with the aim of reaching more rural communities to give them access to shared cars and benefit from the on demand hire the communities so desperately need.

Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment and your community. Impressively, each of Co Cars’ shared cars removes, on average, 8.5 private cars from the road, helping to reduce congestion and pollution. By the end of 2022, Co Cars is also on track for half its fleet to be electric, with all EVs powered by renewable energy. This means it will be, by percentage, the UK’s greenest car club fleet.

If you think you could be ready to make the switch, take a look at our How it Works page to find out more.


*Co Cars prices correct as of June 2022.