Are electric cars worth it?

by | Jul 14, 2022 | News

Are electric cars worth it? We caught up with long time Co Cars business member, One Voice Media to find out.

Guest blog from Lisa Vanstone, managing director of One Voice Media;

I’ve not driven anywhere further than Cornwall for an age, so I was slightly apprehensive about our forthcoming work trip to Stroud.  

My colleague booked one the new Co Cars Volkswagen ID.3s for us. They look fab, but I’ve never driven a fully electric car before either. 

So, with some nerves I headed to Haven Banks to collect the car at 7.30 one morning. My members card unlocked the car no problem. 

My first challenge was to get the car set up properly for me. The seat needed to be lowered and the wing mirrors adjusted. I couldn’t see how to do it but a quick check of YouTube set me right. 

Starting the car was easy. Depress the brake and select either drive or reverse on a stick on the right-hand side of the steering wheel above the indicator, and you are good to go.

Driving across Exeter I had to stop at a lot of different traffic lights. It isn’t that unusual for me to stall or over rev on a hill start (I’m not a regular driver). The ID.3 was a revelation. No fear of rolling back. No finding your bite point, just put your foot on the accelerator (gently) and off you go. 

On the motorway I was reminded to keep in lane by the prompt. Whoops. Told off by a car. 

Parking was fine with sensors front and back. 

Stroud is roughly 110 miles each way. We could have probably made it on a single charge but decided it was better to be safe than sorry.

We pulled into a service station on the way back and in the time it took my colleague Jo to eat her Solero we’d added another 70 odd miles to our range.  The charge cost £9.80.  We didn’t need an app – we just plugged in, tapped the payment card and it charged. 

The fee from Co Cars for a 220-mile trip over a 12 hour hire period, plus milage was just over £65. Amazing value for money compared to a petrol or diesel counterpart with fuel prices still teetering on £2 a litre.

I will now always choose to book the ID.3 when using Co Cars. They’ve got a substantial fleet on offer throughout the city and are a dream to drive – in short, yes, electric cars are worth it.

Lisa Vanstone, managing director of One Voice Media

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