Bespoke Fleet Management

Where you need access to cars on a regular basis, Co-cars can provide and manage dedicated cars parked at your offices. Using our smart card and telematics system, we can save you serious money by using your fleet more efficiently, reducing the amount of cars you need, administration costs and improving the ease of booking and usage. We will work out a price for you depending upon your needs.

Our smart technology can provide you with real-time and historical data on business usage and allows rental of not just cars, but, coming soon, electric bikes, electric cars and vans. You will know how they are used, where and when so you can use them most efficiently. We can even ‘stack’ your bookings so that bookings are automatically allocated to under-used cars, maximising the efficiency of the fleet throughout the day.

Our fleet management system can be dedicated to your fleet, or a mix between business users, private use by your staff and even the general public if you wish. Our systems are working with public sector, private sector and SME clients depending upon their specific needs.

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