Board and Team

Board of Directors

Mark Hodgson

Mark Hodgson, Managing Director

Mark is Managing Director of Co-cars and is in charge of all operations and business development with our customers and key stakeholders. Mark co-founded Co-cars 12 years ago and has detailed knowledge of running co-operative car clubs. Mark is widely experienced in starting and developing sustainable business enterprises, having worked with multi-nationals and SMEs across the UK and internationally. When he’s not working he can be found outside cycling, walking or travelling.

Ellen Rodger

Ellen Rodger, Director

Ellen is currently Head of Marketing at SC Group.  Previously she spent eight years as a Senior Manager and Director at Exeter based renewable energy company, Sungift Solar. During this time she oversaw the growth of the company to a £10 million+ turnover business. In 2013 she won the South West IOD Young Director of the Year award and in 2015 the South West Inspirational Woman of the Year Venus award.  In her spare time she is a volunteer Watch Leader for the Tall Ships Youth Trust.

Benji Goehl, Director

Benji joined the Board of Co-cars in April 2016. He was previously on the management team of hOURCARS, a small car club in Salisbury which joined the Co-cars network in late 2015 following a successful grant application for fleet enlargement. With a commitment to co-operative principles and a background in mechanical engineering Benji formed a solar energy installation company Sarum Solar Limited in 2004, where he gained experience in sales, marketing and financial management. Benji’s main employment is a directorship in a residential property holding company, with responsibility for maintenance scheduling, project management and financial planning.

The Core Team that makes everything run smoothly

Fiona Harding, Membership Services

Fiona is the front point of contact for our customers and runs our membership and customer management services. She is an experienced customer service and business manager, running her own business and working extensively in the sustainable business area. When not working she is normally outdoors or enjoying some good time with her friends and family.

Graham Heysett, Operational Support and Trainer

Graham trains new Co-cars members in how to use our cars and technology. He will meet you, greet you and ensure that you feel confident about how our systems work. He has a background in teaching and is also a fully trained bikeability trainer.. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, festivals and family.

Lesley Hodgson, Finance

Lesley’s role is to Co-cars financial management, key to offering a good service to members and enabling business growth. As an independent consultant, Lesley is an experienced project manager, effective at leading change within businesses and implementing solutions that improve environmental outcomes. Her approach reflects her personal values of inclusion, equality and vision of wellbeing as living in harmony with nature.

Lesley Smith, Marketing Support

Lesley joined the team in 2016 after 18 years as TravelWise Office for Devon County Council, a role in which she won a national award. Lesley has a lot of experience in event management, networking and promoting all aspects of sustainable travel. She also set up and managed which was a national example of best practice. When not working she loves walking, getting involved at her local church, travelling and occasionally riding elephants!

Alastair Bruce, Systems

Alastair looks after the Co-cars website and system that supports our operations. He has worked in IT for over 25 years as a systems analyst, and is an experienced project manager and implementor of large hardware and software rollout projects. He also runs his own website design, development computer services and graphic design business. When not working he can be found playing computer games with his daughter, windsurfing or planning his next trip back home to South Africa.

Marc Sanders, Fleet Operations Support

Marc is contracted to Co-bikes to maintain and manage the eBike fleet as well as to Co-Cars as Fleet Operations Support. He has an electronics engineering background having worked in process control and design in the steel, flour and water industries. Mostly he likes hanging with his son and building little projects together, but loves getting out into the wild to make him feel like he’s back in Africa where he came from.

Wider Team and Suppliers

We have a wider part-time team of supporter who promote and support our cars across the South West. Our suppliers are wherever practically possible local and ethical suppliers. Our cars are provided either by Snows Toyota or Bristol Street Motors Renault in Exeter and our electric bikes from Nextbike in Leipzig.


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