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As a corporate member of a car club, you gain all the convenience of operating a fleet of cars, but without the fixed costs, depreciation and hassle. You can have access to cars parked close to your office. They can be booked 24/7 online or on your smartphone, even at really short notice and can be booked for as little as half an hour. You will then only pay for the hours you use, not for the whole day. You will no longer have leased pool cars sitting idle when not being used. We only charge you when you use the cars.

Co-cars Business Membership

Our cars are all fully maintained and cleaned by us, and come with a fuel card, so there is no claiming back of ‘out of pocket’ fuel expenses. We also choose low emission cars, such as the Toyota Yaris hybrid that emits CO2 as low as 79g/km. This all means that we offer;

  • Smart technology solutions using the latest chip and pin and GPS technology that provides real time smart booking and business reports. This technology is used by the biggest car clubs in the UK and in Europe.
  • A range of vehicles parked in dedicated bays nearby, or in your own car park.
  • Itemised invoices which provide detailed information on usage, including your own internal job codes so that you can keep track of your travel costs and easily attribute the charges, therefore cutting your internal administration costs.
  • An online booking system for your staff to access themselves. Plus you can make use of any car from the club’s entire network, which include a range of Toyota hybrid automatic or manual cars.
  • Staff access to a car during the day, which means some may be able to commute to work by public transport, freeing up valuable parking space and reducing rush-hour congestion.
  • Your business the ability to reduce its environmental impact and improve its green transport credentials by enabling you to manage staff and transport resources more effectively.

How to join

Step 1: The business will need to complete the Organisation’s application form
Step 2: Get each employee who needs access to our cars to complete the Employee’s application form

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