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Co Cars business cost saving

Cost saving

Only hire a car when you actually need it, saving time and money.

Better for business Co Cars

Better for business

No paperwork, no leasing, no pool car maintenance equals no hassle.

co Cars Easy for employees

Easy for employees

Employees can book and access cars 24/7 – ideal for meetings or site visits.

Company cars can involve a lot of expense and admin work for your organisation. Not to mention the cost of dedicated parking spaces – if you can find any. Meanwhile, standard hire cars are genereally only available on a daily basis. Plus you have to collect and return them or wait for them to be delivered.

With us, it’s so simple. You only pay for the hours you use plus mileage. Everything is included in the price and we’ll send you monthly itemised billing to help you easily manage your costs.

Ready to get on the road? Complete the organisation application and we’ll have you up and running within 2-3 working days.


Co Cars is an essential tool for our business. It helps us be efficient and is more cost-effective than mileage claims.

The cars are in easy accessible locations and, if one is booked close to us, there is always another one available nearby.

The booking system and smartcards are easy to use. But if we’ve ever come across a problem, or had a query, the team are always available to help and have resolved any issue straightaway.

Tim Wadsworth

Managing Director, Space

What’s in it for you

As a Co Cars business member, you get the convenience of a fleet of cars with none of the associated costs and hassle:

  • Book any car in our network whether that’s close to home, office or meeting destination
  • 24/7 access to bookings and cars, leaving you and your staff in control
  • Book from as little as half an hour and only pay for the hours you use plus mileage
  • Choose an electric car and there’s no mileage if you recharge at our charging points
  • Cost includes fuel, insurance, tax and roadside assistance
  • Cars are fully maintained and cleaned by us and come with a fuel card so no out of pocket expenses
  • Itemised invoicing, including your cost codes if required, provides detailed information on usage so you can easily keep track of your spend.

Plus, by sharing our low and zero emissions fleet with other members, you are helping to minimise your environmental impact.

Business man getting out of Co Cars EV

Bespoke Fleet Management

We can work with you to provide dedicated cars parked at your offices. This means you can:

  • Reduce number of cars needed
  • Eliminate cleaning and maintenance headaches
  • Enable rental by the hour or day
  • Integrate with our Co Bikes e-bikes
  • Manage costs with itemised invoicing
  • Access smart technology, giving you in-depth data on business usage

You can choose between a dedicated fleet or a mix between business and private use for your staff and even the general public.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

The College has 1000 staff spread across 14 sites in Exeter and Devon, so we are always looking for the most sustainable and cost-effective ways for them to travel to meet employers, schools and other key stakeholders.

By partnering with Co Cars, we can give our staff access to a dedicated, low emissions car on site whilst removing all of the hassle of fleet management – Co Cars take care of everything, including the cleaning!

Feedback from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive, ranging from the quality of the car provided to Co Cars’ customer service is ‘excellent’ and we look forward to continuing to build on our relationship.

Steve Strang

Head of Estates & Information Technology, Exeter College

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