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Excellent Service

Co-Cars is an outstanding example of the potential for sustainable and successful modern business models in the South West, contributing significantly to improving our surroundings and offering solutions to the challenges that our towns and cities face.

We’re delighted to support the excellent services that Co-Cars offer.

James Barnfield, Hilton Barnfield Architects

Hilton Barnfield Architects


I’m thrilled to be able to use co-cars both socially and as a small business owner. For my business use, using co-cars works out cheaper than using personal car expenses, plus they are always serviced, clean and smart. Using Co-Cars promotes lower car ownership in the city helping to keep our historic streets clear of parked cars. Sustainable locations near public transport link to destinations further afield.

For personal use we benefit from the flexibility of occasional two car ownership with absolute minimal running costs. Photograph of my son William and I on an outing to Woodbury Common while my wife had our car for work.

Tom Spriggs Architects Ltd

Tom Spriggs Architects


Teaming up with Co-cars

We are very committed to reducing our carbon footprint in the Diocese of Exeter (Church of England in Devon), and are actively taking measures with our buildings, land and money. But transport is also a key sector producing greenhouse gas emissions, so it is really encouraging to team up with Co-Cars as one way of tackling our travel footprint.

Martyn Goss, Director for Church & Society

Diocese of Exeter


Flexible Co-cars

The flexibility of Co-cars is essential to the business needs of One Voice Media. The team find the online booking system quick and easy and often use the smartphone app. Access to the cars via a smartcard and pin number is really easy and secure and with the fuel card included no extra expenses occur during the booking.

Because the cars are there 24/7 staff can start early or come back late. Having access to Co-Cars vehicles means staff don’t have to drive to work, there is no need or cost for a dedicated staff car park or the expense and hassle of a full day hire car which has to be parked somewhere and is only available 9-5.

Finally online billing via client project code means billing and accounting is made really easy for them and their clients.

Jo Holdom, Associate Director at One Voice Media: “Co-cars is essential to our business as we often visit our clients and attend events in and around the region. It’s quick and easy to use and economical.”

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