Co-cars for Business

Business cars can involve a lot of expense and admin work for your organisation. Normal hire cars are only available on a daily basis and you have to collect them or wait for them to be delivered. Added to that are the costs of your parking spaces – if you can find any!

With Co-cars it is simple.


Join Co-cars


Book a car online


Unlock the car


Drive away

Our business package includes:


Fuel, insurance, breakdown cover, tax and maintenance.


An online booking system enables you to book a car from your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Your Co-cars membership card, which gives you access to all our cars in Devon, Wiltshire and Dorset.


Benefits for Businesses

Cost Saving
Just use the car when you actually need it. Save time and money.


Better for Business
No paperwork, no leasing or maintenance of pool cars, no hassle.


Easy for Employees
Book online when you need a car for a meeting or site visit.

How to join

Step 1: The business will need to complete the Organisation’s application form

Step 2: Get each employee who needs access to our cars to complete the Employee’s application form