Other charges

Booking cancellation charges


Cancel your Booking:


Within 30 minutes of entering your booking on the system No charge
More than 5 hours from your scheduled ‘start time’ No charge
Less than 5 hours from your scheduled ‘start time’ 50% of your booking hire charge
After the scheduled ‘start time’ 100% of your booking hire fee

Cancel or part cancel booking charge:

If you make a booking and return the car earlier than anticipated, you will be charged a cancel or part cancel charge. This charge is 50% of the booking hire rate for the remainder of the booking period, rather than the full rate. For example, if you book a band 2 car for 4 hours, but return the car after 3 hours, you will be charged:

3 hours at £4.50 (100%), booking hire rate = £13.50

1 hours at £2.22 (50%), cancel or part cancel charge = £2.25

 Here’s a summary of additional charges


Replacement membership card £15
Parking charge notice (PCN) or congestion charges Full cost plus £15 administration charge
Replacement car key or fob Full cost of replacement plus £30 administration charge
Replacement fuel card £15
Returning car dirty and in an unacceptable condition
Call out
£35 plus 40p per mile if more than 15 miles from a Co Cars bay
Recharging of flat battery (if appplicable, or cost of replacement battery)
Late Return Fee, where another member is impacted  £1 per minute
Failing to refuel / plug in an EV at the end of a rental, returning car with less than 1/4 fuel in the tank or failing to plug the car in to charge £20
Full2Full ID.3 offer: failing to return car with at least 90% battery £30