Co-cars Other Charges

Booking cancellation charges

Cancel your booking:


Within 30 minutes of entering your booking on the system
No charge
More than 5 hours from your scheduled ‘start time’
No charge
Less than 5 hours from your scheduled ‘start time’
50% of your booking hire charge
After the scheduled ‘start time’
100% of your booking hire fee

Cancel or part cancel booking charge:

If you make a booking and return the car earlier than anticipated, you will be charged a cancel or part cancel charge. This charge is 50% of the booking hire rate for the remainder of the booking period, rather than the full rate. For example, if you book a band 2 car for 4 hours, but return the car after 3 hours, you will be charged:

3 hours at £4.25 (100%), booking hire rate                   = £12.75

1 hour at £2.13 (50%), cancel or part cancel charge    = £2.13

All other charges listed below are exclusive of VAT

Replacement membership card £15
Parking charge notice or congestion charges Full cost plus £15 administration charge
Replacement car key or fob Full cost of replacement plus £30 administration charge
Replacement fuel card £15
Returning car dirty and in an unacceptable condition
Investigating low battery warning from car

ChargIng flat battery



Our other pricing structures

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