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Saved by Co-Cars!!
On a cold January morning we left our house at 5.30 am with my brother, to drive his car to Exeter Bus Station so he could catch the coach to Heathrow and then a plane to Canada. HORRORS!!! His car would not start – flat battery! Who you gonna phone at 5.45am in the morning to borrow a car or get someone to drive you?? We all rushed home and I rushed to our computer to see if our usual Co-Car was available. IT WAS – so we rushed to the Co-car and drove through deserted streets to Exeter Bus Station and arrived with one minute to spare! My brother couldn’t wave from the coach as he was sitting stunned in his seat. He and Bob and I were so grateful that we belonged to Co –Cars.
Ali – Topsham, Member

We realised that our two cars were often just sitting on the drive, but were hesitant to jump from two to zero cars. Joining Co Cars provided that small stepping stone to a simpler way of living – we sold one car first to test it out – but quickly realised it freed up precious time and it saved us money to boot! We have since sold the other car as we knew it would work for us.

Dave and Sarah – Topsham, Members

I wanted access to a car but without the hassle of having to pay for all the upkeep. Co-cars was the perfect solution. I have access to a car whenever I need one without any of the hassle or expense of owning my own. I love not having to worry about repair bills out of the blue and I LOVE having a parking space dedicated for each car. Financially, joining Co-cars has definitely saved me money. I use the car on average, once a week and I estimate save at least £1,000 a year. Its only £25 to join – why wouldn’t you?
Ellen – Exeter, Member

Ellen Rodger - Co-cars member


It’s great to have Co-cars on the doorstep, the induction was straightforward and it is easy to book a car at a really reasonable price. Our second car is going to be a Co-car!
Gareth – Newcourt, Member



It’s great! I believe that the one thing that Exeter has too much of is cars (and the congestion and pollution that follows). I try to get around by other means including public transport or cycling. There are times though, that I do need a car and that’s why I belong to a car club. It’s one of the best things I have done ……. take the plunge.
Iain – Exeter, Member

Iain Baines - Co-cars member


My partner registered for this service. From signing up to booking the car was easy. Partner was shown how the system works. We hired from Newton Abbot station. Car was nice, my partner found it easy to drive. Car was clean inside and out. Highly recommend Co-cars if you only need a car for a few hours.
Samantha – Newton Abbot, Member



It is easy to book the car and it’s a lovely car to drive. I use it every week and would definitely recommend it.
Leigh Gadson – North Devon Homes



We are thrilled to have signed on with Co-cars for our regular visits to Exeter, as it means we no longer have to cram into the back of our friend’s gardening van for trips to Dartmoor! The signing up and induction process has been simple and human, and the logistics of the booking, using and paying for the vehicle are straightforward. Recommended.
Tim and Mary – London ,Members

Tim and Mary - Co-cars members


Co-cars has enriched my life! Being a member of Co cars has enabled me to get rid of my own car.

  1. I am financially better off. I let out my car parking space as I don’t own a car now.
  2. I spend less time in a car and more on a train (good at spotting bargain fares) which is relaxing and reduces road rage!
  3. When I use a car it is reliable, clean, safe and trouble free.
  4. Fiona and Mark are amazing, professional and good to chat to. This is more than just a business. What a joy. Business with ethics.
  5. I have goods delivered so I am more efficient with my time.
  6. Carbon emissions obviously down big time.
  7. I use a taxi when it is more convenient so I contribute to the local economy.
  8. I am fitter because I walk more and use a bike for shorter journeys.
  9. Looking forward to trying the new Co car bikes!

I’m always spreading the word and will continue to do so!

Vanessa ,Member

Vanessa Miles - Co-cars member

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