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Our Southernhay cars are on the move

The redevelopment of Exeter bus station is now well and truly underway. To accommodate the building works, access to the Princesshay car parks is changing from 24 January and our existing Southernhay bays will become loading bays.

But never fear! Our cars will be moving just around the corner to outside Sterling House on Dix’s Field, in freshly painted ‘car club only’ bays. PLUS there’ll be a THIRD car club bay which means, whatever your day holds, we’ll have a car sized to fit and all available from one location:

  • Small manual (Fiat 500, pricing Band 1)
  • Medium hybrid (Toyota Yaris, pricing Band 2)
  • Large hybrid (Toyota Auris, pricing Band 3)

The cars will be moved at 19.00 on 23 January, after which all bookings will be from the new Dix’s Field location from 09.00 on 24 January.

Electric car top tip
When putting the car back on charge, it’s really important to hold the charge card just once against the unit. It will then take a few seconds for the light to change from flashing green to constant blue.

Because there’s a short delay, it’s easy to think it’s not worked and hold the card up again. However, this cancels the previous instruction and the car won’t charge at all! To be 100% sure, before you lock up always have a quick look at the dashboard to check it shows the car charging.

Remember: Blue light? It’s alright!

New Year, new in-car computers
You spoke, we listened. New and improved in-car computers are being installed into all of our new cars.

Features include:

  • Central dashboard location for easier access
  • Touchscreen functionality (go gently!)
  • Backlit for easier viewing
  • Automatic logout extended to 9 minutes
  • No more accidentally ending your booking – we check twice!

We’ll be updating our website and user guides with full details very shortly.

Find us at new locations across Exeter
The last few months have seen us add more cars to our Exeter network so here’s a handy reminder of all our latest additions.

Electric car locations:
Queen Street, Exeter Central Station
Bonhay Road, St David’s Station
Albatross Road, Newcourt
Peppercombe Avenue, Hill Barton

Other new car locations:
Toyota Aygo (manual, petrol), Langaton Lane car park, Pinhoe
Toyota Yaris (hybrid, automatic), Pinn Lane, Pinhoe

Coming soon:
Toyota Auris (hybrid, automatic), Bishops Court, Pinhoe

Don’t forget, you can find details of all of our car locations online.

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