Electric Cars: Are they really ‘all that?’

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Coffee Club

Electric Cars: Are they really ‘all that?’

Images of Tesla and other electric cars make us believe we are in some science fiction movie.

They say the future of cars is electric, but why is this?

We explore the 3 top reasons why we believe electric cars are better than petrol and diesel-powered vehicles and hear from Co Cars member Vanessa Miles, an environmental photographer and guest on our Coffee Club.

1) Better for Your Pocket 

Vehicle transport makes up the largest percentage of a household’s expenditure with an average person spending £80.80 per week.

 Whether it’s the low expense of charging vs petrol or the economic benefits, on average EV’s cost 49% less to maintain than petrol and diesel cars.

As a car club member, you could potentially save thousands of pounds more by only paying for the hours you drive, not all the time you don’t.

As Vanessa Miles told us: “it’s an utter no-brainer just to use Co Cars on an economic point. Let alone an ideological one. It just makes sense.”

2) Better for Your Planet 

27% of emissions come from transport, with air pollution having a higher death toll than smoking.

One electric car saves 1.5 million grams of CO2 per year. That’s the same as doing 4 return flights from London to Barcelona.

Furthermore, having cleaner air dramatically improves people’s health as well as helping to slow the rate of climate change.

3) Better for Your Lifestyle

People love our electric Co Cars. Not only are they great to drive, but there’s no mileage cost when using our dedicated charge points.  

Vanessa noted how she was fond of her usual Co Cars choice; a Toyota Yaris but decided to ring the changes and try an EV:

“I was a bit reticent with the electric ones, but I’m really happy [as] they are really great and really good cars!”

 She now refers to herself as “a regular Co Cars user and a no.1 fan.”

While interest in EVs is growing, many people can’t afford to buy one themselves. Joining Co Cars means you get all the fun of an EV at a cost-effective price whilst improving your carbon footprint.

If you don’t live near to a Co Cars, we want to help. Request a new location here.