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Why choose an electric car?

As we move towards the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars, you may be wondering ‘should I buy or lease an electric car’?

At Co Cars, we offer a great, eco friendly alternative. Join us and you can enjoy driving an electric car without any of the cost or hassle of owning one.

Electric cars are great to drive. They’re automatic, responsive and quick off the mark, leaving you to fully enjoy the experience. With Co Cars, you can drive one from just £5.50 per hour plus 4p per mile.

By swapping the pump for the plug, you’re also making positive environmental choices:

  • Zero emissions at point of driving, resulting in improved air quality
  • Powered by 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy
  • Quieter, creating calmer, more pleasant neighbourhoods
  • Over 40% CO2 savings across the lifecycle compared to petrol or diesel
  • No charging costs when you recharge at our charge points, making your trip even more cost effective.

Hiring an EV has been a game-changer for me. A short walk from my house sits a fully-charged, new, comfortable and clean car.

I love the fact that it uses renewables for charging so the electricity actually comes from wind and solar and I glide along the motorway causing no pollution with the car on cruise control and the wind in my hair.

What is not to like? A little lifestyle change and loads more of us can save the planet.

Steve, Co Cars member

Rapid Charging Exeter

Rapid Charging Exeter

Electric vehicles are close to the tipping point of mass adoption. But one of the biggest remaining barriers is the availability of charging infrastructure. 

Rapid Charging Exeter is addressing this by building a network of rapid electrical vehicle charging hubs across the city, all powered by locally generated solar energy. At many of the locations, there will also be an electric Co Car.

By including Co Cars, more people will have access to and can test drive an electric car before committing to buying one. Even better, once they realise how hassle free and affordable we are, they may never buy an electric car at all!

Co Cars Electric Cars

Our electric fleet

The Renault Zoe is the backbone of our electric fleet and the latest editions have a 240 mile range. As our fleet expands, we are looking at introducing other makes and models, including electric vans.

Smart, stylish, fun and responsive – once you’ve ‘gone electric’, you’ll never go back.

What about recharging?

Currently, all our electric cars are parked in bays with dedicated 22kw fast charge posts. These take around 2 hours to recharge a car fully. 

As Rapid Charging Exeter chargers become available, chargers will be able to pump in 75 miles of range in just 30 minutes from battery stored renewable energy and trickled grid supply.

At the start of your booking, you will need to unplug the car from the post and, at the end, plug it back in so it can recharge ready for the next member.

Full instructions of how to do this can be found in our booking system. There is also a quick start guide in every car and you can view our tutorial video online. If you have any problems, get in touch.

If you only use our dedicated charge point, there’s no mileage to pay. However, if you need to recharge at any other charge point, you are responsible for the cost.

We recommend downloading the Zap Map app so you can easily find your nearest charge point.

Ecotricity electric highway

Planning a long journey? Ecotricity operate the Electric Highway – a network of over 300 rapid charge points at motorway services up and down the country.

To use, you’ll need to download the Electric Highway app, register for an account and add a payment method. It costs just 30p per unit of energy (or 15p for Ecotricity energy customers). 

The maximum charge session is 45 minutes and the app tracks progress so you can see when you’re full charged just by looking at your phone. 

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