Electric Cars

Co-cars shared electric cars in the South West

They are easy to drive, automatic and smooth and silent.

Why choose Electric?

Electric vehicles (EVs) represent the best environmental choice for new cars for many reasons:

Electric Renault Zoe

The new Renault Zoe, 40kwh electric vehicles, have a real world range of up to 190 miles in summer and 140 miles in winter. Supermini style, with 5 seats and 338 litres of boot space. For more details see our car details page.

How do I use them?

What about recharging?

Ecotricity Electric Highway

Ecotricity operate the Electric Highway – a network of rapid chargers in service stations and IKEA stores on major trunk roads across the UK. Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF cars can use these charge points, but please plan your journey accordingly, if you do not wish to pay to recharge (the cost will not be covered by Co-cars). To charge:


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