No. All of our cars are accessed using your membership Smartcard.
When unlocking and locking the car with your membership Smartcard, please follow these instructions:
  • At the car, hold your Smartcard over the centre of the card reader (square yellow panel on the front windscreen) for approximately 3 seconds. The lights will flash and you will hear the car unlock.
  • Get into the car and input your PIN code into the in-car panel keypad, located at the top of the windscreen (on the passenger’s side). Press ‘enter’ to confirm.
  • Remove the key or fob and the Co-car user guide from the glove compartment.  Section 8, in the user guide, provides simple step-by-step instruction on starting and stopping the car you are in.
  • When you switch the ignition off, the in-car panel will ask you “Do you want to end your booking?” If you are part way through your trip, select ‘No’.  Leave the car and lock it by holding your Smartcard over the card reader on the windscreen.  Please physically check the car doors are locked.
For further information please see the Co-cars user guide.