How it works

Co Cars car sharing club is the smarter way to drive.

Co Cars is the smarter way to drive: affordable car hire near you where you only pay for the hours you drive, not all the time you don’t. Find our network of over 40 low emission and electric cars across Exeter and the South West.

Becoming a member is easy. Complete our online application form, remembering to have your driving licence and a valid payment method handy, and we’ll process your application in 2-3 working days.

Once you’ve joined, manage all your car hire bookings with our user friendly booking site.  Book from as little as half an hour and only pay for the time you use plus mileage. Or choose an electric car and there’s no mileage to pay at all if you recharge at our charge points.

Your car hire cost includes fuel, insurance, tax and roadside assistance. You can even pop the car through the car wash on us. We’ve got everything covered.

We realised that our two cars were often just sitting on the drive, but were hesitant to jump from two to zero cars. Joining Co Cars provided that small stepping stone to a simpler way of living – we sold one car first to test it out – but quickly realised it freed up precious time and it saved us money to boot! We have since sold the other car as we knew it would work for us.

Dave and Sarah

Topsham, Members

Hire our electric cars from £5.50/hr

Members love our electric cars: easy to drive,
no mileage costs and they’re zero emission.

Co Cars electric cars

Meet the rest of our fleet

Small and manual cars

Toyota Aygo, Hyundai i20/ix20

Co Cars - small hybrid cars

Medium hybrid cars

Toyota Yaris 

Co Cars - medium hybrid cars

Large hybrid cars

Toyota Auris, Toyota Corolla Estate

Co Cars - large hybrid cars

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