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Drive smarter with Co Cars

Be part of the smarter alternative to car ownership.

Get affordable car hire 24/7, only paying for the hours you drive.

Choose from over 30 electric and low emission cars in Exeter with more across the South West.

Plus, until 31 March 2022, we’ve price matched our new electric VW iD3s to our Renault Zoe’s.

How it works

Did you know the average private car is only used 4% of the time?

Start your journey in 4 easy steps:

Join Co Cars

1. Join

Become a Co Car member by filling out this form.

Book with Co Cars

2. Book

Make and manage all your bookings with our app.

Unlock your Co Car

3. Unlock

Find your car and unlock it using your personal smartcard.

Drive your Co Car

4. Drive

Enjoy your trip!

Book your car now

Once you have joined Co Cars, booking is simple.

Just download our App, login, choose your preferred car, date and times and get ready to start your journey.

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Choose a location

We are always on the lookout for new Co Cars locations. Our main locations are:

Bude • Exeter • Falmouth • Plymouth • Salisbury • Truro

If you’d like to have a Co Car near you, request a location.

Why choose Co Cars?

Don’t spend thousands on owning a car you rarely use. Instead, enjoy low carbon shared mobility on your doorstep. Benefits include:

Co Cars is good for the planet

Creating a greener future

Each of our low-emission shared cars helps reduce congestion and pollution by removing 6-10 private cars from the road.

Saving your money image

Saving you money

Prices start from only £4.00/hr or £29.00/day (plus 21p a mile). Our electric cars can be hired from as little as £5.50/hr or £40/day (plus 2p a mile).

Co Cars is hassle free

We cover all the costs

Pricing includes fuel, insurance, tax, servicing, repairs and roadside assist so you can relax and just enjoy the drive. 

Use any car in our network

Use any car in our network

Find us from Falmouth to Salisbury. We are adding more cars and locations all the time.

What members say about us

Co Cars has enabled me to get out and about to places I wouldn’t be able to access with public transport in an affordable and convenient way. I would (and often do) highly recommend it to anyone, especially those living in a city.

John – George

Hiring an EV has been a game-changer for me. A short walk from my house sits a fully-charged new, comfortable and clean car. Plus, I love the fact that it uses renewables for charging. What is not to like? A little lifestyle change and loads more of us can save the planet.



I joined Co Cars after feeling I wasn’t using my car enough & I quickly realised the benefits. They are so easy to book, use & return. Over 90% of my work travel is now with Co Cars & often impresses the organisations that I visit.


Living centrally in Exeter & not owning a car, I love being able to use Co Cars whenever I need access to one. It’s really easy to book online for however long you need it & the system couldn’t be more flexible.


Not owning a car is single-handedly one of the best decisions I’ve made in the last 2 years. We can access one via Co Cars if we need it. However, my bike & feet are all I need in Exeter & then trains for long distance travel.


I love it when simple things work well. Tapped my membership card on the windscreen which opened the car. Hopped in, entered my pin and drove off.


Back from a #zeroemission’s mission in Cornwall with the #RenaultZoe from @CoCars Exeter. Once you try electric, you really can’t go back to petrol.


The cars are so easy & accessible to book & use – I can book & be in a car 5 mins later. They give me so much freedom & I love there’s a dedicated parking space.

Tom, Exeter College