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STEP 4 – Complete a Direct Debit mandate with GoCardless

Our monthly billing is paid through the secure online payment system, GoCardless. As part of the joining process, we require you to set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless by completing a mandate for Co-cars Ltd here.

Once your application is completed we will request GoCardless, our secure online payment system, to collect your £25 annual membership fee via your Direct Debit. You will receive a notification from GoCardless before the payment is collected. We generate a bill in the first week of the month, but only when you have booked our cars the previous month. You will be given time to check the invoice and raise any queries if you have any. We will then submit a request to GoCardless to collect payment for the invoiced amount via your Direct Debit. GoCardless will notify you, via email, before the payment is collected.

Please be aware…

We can only process your application once we have received all your supporting documentation and your Direct Debit mandate has been completed. We will review your documents and contact you should we require any further information.

We will process your application as soon as possible, but please note it can take up to 3 working days to complete.

What happens next:

If your application is urgent, then please do give us a call. We cannot promise anything, but we will try to process your application as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please call us during office hours (Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm) on 01392 961385 or email membership@co-cars.co.uk


Thank you.

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