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Residential Membership

For just £25 a year, up to two people in your household can become Co Cars members and benefit from:

  • Low-cost, on-demand travel on your doorstep
  • Saving money by getting rid of a barely used car that’s burning cash
  • Access to our growing fleet of our zero emission electric cars
  • Helping to reduce congestion and pollution in your neighbourhood.

In January we decided that we would try to live without a car of our own, so we joined Co Cars. This means we always get to drive a clean car, we never have to service or repair it, and their vehicles are much better for the environment than our old car – or any car that we could afford to buy.

By my calculations, as of today, 9 invoices into our year.. we have saved £1537.42 compared to the corresponding months last year.

Mark R, Exeter

Residential member

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Business Membership

It’s free to sign up for a business membership. There is an annual charge of £10 per employee.

Using Co Cars for business makes sense because:

  • No need for expensive pool cars. Instead, staff can book the Co Car closest to them – whether they’re working from home or the office
  • All inclusive pricing and itemised billing for easy and transparent cost control
  • We can work with you to develop an adaptive fleet solution that meets your business needs
  • Free first year residential membership for employees, helping them make greener choices outside of work.

Co Cars is an outstanding example of the potential for sustainable and successful modern business models in the South West, contributing significantly to improving our surroundings and offering solutions to the challenges that our towns and cities face.

We’re delighted to support the excellent services that Co Cars offer.

James Barnfield

Hilton Barnfield Architects

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