No person is an island…

by | Sep 20, 2021 | News

How integrating shared zero carbon mobility elevates communities and developments

At heart, placemaking is about creating space for people, and by creating more attractive, cleaner, and greener spaces, you create somewhere they want to live, work and spend time in.

Increasingly, planners and developers are waking up to the opportunities this presents to build successful, people-first developments. Central to any place is how we move around and connect with it: any new housing development should provide shared spaces where the car is only one – and by no means the most important – way of navigating it.

Considering at the planning stage how a new development will connect with existing infrastructure is vital to delivering a space which people love. A place where there is space to play, space to breathe, space for nature, and space for people to thrive.

Building in mobility hubs – points where you can connect from foot, to bike, to bus, to train, to shared vehicle – cuts car use and congestion and enables people to travel from their homes to their work and leisure places while minimizing their carbon impact. We know that, for instance, a shared car takes 8 vehicles off the road.

Whilst this may seem daunting in practice it can be remarkably simple. At Co Cars, we’ve worked with developers over 10 years to offer strategic advice and solutions for placemaking, sustainable travel, and net zero targets. As a catalyst for change, considering shared mobility at planning stage can reduce infrastructure costs, for example including electric bikes can reduce the need for extra roads to train and bus stations. For residents of a new development, enabling access to hire on demand EVs, is a bonus.

For developers integrating shared zero carbon mobility offers enhanced benefits for residents and the wider community, a solution for planners which has positive impact on net zero targets and yes, a big tick in the CSR box.

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