The Co-cars Team

Co-cars has a team of people making sure everything runs smoothly

Derek Leedham (Chair)

Derek is chair of the co-operative board of Co-cars. He is an experienced national business contracts director and project manager in the construction and development sector. He was formerly the corporate relations manager for a major retail development in Exeter. Derek is well known in the area, especially for his contracting and liaison skills. When not working, he is found, walking, travelling or entertaining.

Mark Hodgson (Director)

Mark is manager director of Co-cars and is in charge of all operations and business development with our customers and key stakeholders. Mark co-founded Co-cars 10 years ago and has detailed knowledge of running co-operative car clubs and has been a director since then. Mark is widely experienced in starting and developing sustainable business enterprises, having worked for multi-national and SMEs company across the UK and internationally. When not working he’s outside cycling, walking or travelling.

Lesley Smith (Operations Manager)

Lesley joined the team in 2016 after 18 years as TravelWise Office for Devon County Council, a role in which she won a national award. Lesley has a lot of experience in event management, networking and promoting all aspects of sustainable travel. She also set up and managed which was a national example of best practice. When not working she loves walking, getting involved at her local church, travelling and occasionally riding elephants!

Alastair Bruce (Systems)

Alastair looks after the Co-cars website and system that supports our operations. He has worked in IT for over 25 years as a systems analyst, and is an experienced project manager and implementor of large hardware and software rollout projects. He also runs his own website design, development computer services and graphic design business. When not working he can be found playing computer games with his daughter, windsurfing or planning his next trip back home to South Arica.

Clare Viner (Trainer)

Clare trains new Co-cars members in how to use our cars and technology. She will meet you, greet you and ensure that you feel confident about how our systems work. She has a background in teaching English and Business English, both in the UK and abroad. She is self employed as a writer, storyteller and therapist. In her spare time she dances and goes on adventures with her daughter.

Fiona Harding (Membership Services)

Fiona is the front point of contact for our customers and runs our membership and customer management services. She is an experienced customer service and business manager, running her own business and working extensively in the sustainable business area. When not working she is normally outdoors or enjoying some good time with her friends and family.