Rethink your travel to make a difference

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Co bikes, Uncategorised

This Earth Day, rethink your travel to make a difference

A whopping 27% of emissions comes from transport so it’s fair to say that re-assessing your travel options is going to make a difference. It can be simple, too.

Here we share five ways you can help the planet by re-thinking your travel.

Could you cut the number of journeys?

Many people who’ve been working from home during lockdown have extolled the joys of scrapping their daily commute.  Now we are starting to return to our workplaces, but is a daily car journey necessary for everyone, every day?

A recent survey from Exeter based workspace experts Space revealed that 58% of employees want a blended approach of working from home and in the workplace as we come out of lockdown. If employers and employees can work together to achieve this, the environment will benefit.

Could you walk?

In England, 60% of journeys between 1 and 2 miles are made by car, even though 41% of people thought the journey would be just as easy on foot (DoT Walking and Cycling Report).  While the average petrol car on the road in the UK produces the equivalent of 180g of CO2 every kilometre, switching some of your journeys to walking will have a positive impact over a year. It’s time to get your trainers on and hit the pavement.

Or ride a bike?

While they say you never forget how to ride a bike, if it’s been a while it can be daunting.  Here in Exeter there have been lots of improvements to the cycle network over the last few years, with more in the planning.  And if you are worried about the Devon hills, we’d suggest trying an electric bike.

Our Co Bikes offer on demand hire of electric bikes.  Grab a bike from any station and park it at any other across the city.  A brand-new site, at St Thomas train station, opens today –  our first foray west of the river.  This gives St Thomas residents easy access to the electric cycles for commuting into town or heading along by the river for an all off road cycle down to Exmouth.

This is Co Bikes 18th site, and fifth to launch this year: due to high demand, there will be more sites coming soon across the city.  Priced from as little as £2 an hour, it’s a fun, cost efficient and environmentally sound way to travel.

Can you hop on a bus or train?

Heading into town or taking a trip to the beach?   According to this BBC article “taking a local bus emits a little over half the greenhouse gases of a single occupancy car journey and also help to remove congestion from the roads.”

While people may feel cautious about getting back onto public transport, operators have done much to make the environment COVID secure for passengers as we come out of lockdown: using public transport as an alternative to the car is a great way to make a difference.

Could you ditch the second car?

Run a second car for those odd times you need it?  It’s quite possibly costing you a small fortune.  Membership of a car club, like Co Cars, is a great way to ‘top up’ when you need an extra vehicle.  Every car club car made available removes between 6-10 private cars from the road – it’s good for the planet and your pocket.

At Co Cars, our fleet is low or zero emission.  Over the rest of this year, we’ve got big plans to expand our fleet of EV’s with the introduction of Volkswagen iD3 and iD4s, alongside the Renault Zoes we already offer. This is due to our partnership with Rapid Charging Exeter which will give the city’s residents access to super-fast on street charging.

Find out more about how Co Cars works here.