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Co-cars Limited is a Multi-stakeholder Co-operative registered as a Community Benefit Society under the Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. Just like traditional businesses we aim to make a surplus, except this is then re-invested directly into the business, to help transform the communities we operate in and to make our sustainable development goals a reality.

Co-cars values being a truly sustainable organisation, directed by our members. We have a collaborative approach and strive to work with local organisations whenever possible. Our Board of Directors is made up of car and bike users, and our social and environmental mission of ‘shared sustainable mobility for all’ is defined in our governing documents.

We are now measuring and reporting on the social impact of our car and bike hire operations, based on the following criteria:

  • Operating a Car Club Membership scheme which provides a flexible and affordable hire of low carbon vehicles, accessible for members in a growing number of car club locations
  • Providing an Electric Bike hire scheme across the City of Exeter
  • Delivering lifestyles and experiences that are inherently healthy and result in less environmental impact
  • Promoting walking, cycling and public transport, and where possible integrating hire services with sustainable transport modes
  • Seeking to source our supplies from local businesses (and where possible co-operatives), and promoting locally owned businesses to our members
  • Working with responsible developers to create green transport options for new housing and workspace
  • Collaborating with other social and community enterprises through local networks to promote the sector
  • Creating work opportunities for local people at living wage and above; and disadvantaged groups using an ‘intermediate labour market’ approach

For more information about social enterprises visit www.socialenterprise.org.uk  and www.uk.coop

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