The pledges made at COP26 need to turn into real action to halt emissions

by | Nov 10, 2021 | News

COP26 – Transport Day; Accelerating the transition to zero emission vehicles.

Road transport accounts for 17% of global emissions, and its emissions are rising faster than those of any other sector. A shift to zero emission vehicles is vital to achieving our target of Net Zero.

We caught up with Professor Richard Betts of the University of Exeter this week live on the ground at COP26 in Glasgow to deliver some vital learnings to our audience of sustainable travel fans.

“To limit the damage from climate change, the pledges made at COP26 need to turn into real action to halt emissions. A key area is transport, and we can make a big difference here through both system change and individual action. I travelled by train from Exeter to Glasgow for COP26, but it was very expensive – public transport needs to be more affordable for more people. In Glasgow, I have got around with the brilliant on-street hire bikes powered by Nextbike.

At home, I cycle everywhere as I now choose not to have a car. On the occasions when I do need a car, I can hire one from my local car club Co Cars.”

Thank you for sharing your vital learnings from COP26 Richard, together we can indeed make a big difference. We continue to strive to change the way communities think about travel with our shared mobility schemes; Co Cars, Co Bikes, Co Vans and Co Delivery.