Third sector pricing for non VAT registered organisations

Applies to charities, non governmental or third sector organisations that are not VAT registered.

Hourly rates apply until the booking period reaches the 24 hour rate threshold of 7.25 hours.

All rates include VAT.

Annual membership fee for each employee **

£10 per year

Hybrid & petrol cars

Mileage is 18p per mile

Electric cars

Mileage is 2p per mile*



Mileage is 25p per mile 

* If you use our dedicated charge point, there’s no mileage to pay. However, if you need to recharge at any other charge point, you are responsible for the cost. We recommend downloading the Zap Map app so you can easily find your nearest charge point.Visit our electric cars page to find out more.

** There is a £10 annual membership fee for each employee registered as a member. This option, with a lower hourly rate, is more beneficial for organisations where those employees are likely to use our service for more than 40 hours per year.

What’s included in your plan?

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Co Cars insurance & tax

Insurance and tax

Breakdown cover and maintenance